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Sue Rosenstock

Susan Rosenstock is a children’s advocate, an event planner, a mother, and the leader of the suicide prevention organization umttr (you matter). In 2013, Susan suffered the tragic loss of her son, Evan, to suicide. Days later, four of Evan’s friends approached Susan with an idea to honor her son’s memory, to raise funds for suicide prevention and research, and to send a message to all the other young people in their community suffering from depression: YOU MATTER. Their idea came to fruition in September 2013 with the first annual Evan Rosenstock 3v3 umttr Memorial Basketball Tournament. In the three years since that tournament, Susan has helped umttr grow into a youth suicide prevention movement with national and international reach. umttr has raised funds to implement peer-led suicide prevention programs in schools around the DC area. Umttr is a founding member and leader of the mid-Atlantic regional effort of the Campaign to Change Direction, a nationwide initiative that grew out of the 2013 White House summit on mental health. They have inspired teens and young adults both locally and around the world to spread the message that YOUR LIFE MATTERS. Susan continues to lead the umttr Team of Champions, a dedicated group of young adult volunteers, in pursuit of their goals: reducing the stigma of mental illness and depression, creating a compassionate culture free from bullying in schools and youth athletics, and putting an end to suicide.